Friday, January 21, 2011



  2   g              Cardmom

  2    g             Cinnamon

  2    g              Cloves

  50  g              Fat  (ghee oil)

 150  g             Onion

  2     g             Peppercorn

  500  g            Rice

                        Salt to teast

  100 ml           Stock



1.Wash and soak rice. slice onion.
2. Heat fat. add athird of the sliced onion and fry
3. add rice and fry for a few minutes longer
4 add stock and rest of ingredients except cardamoms
5. When rice is half cooked add cardamoms
6. Finish off as for fried rice. serve packeted as given below.
7. With Chicken thick curry,dhall,ash planant curry,brinjol         moju,fish cutlet

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