Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot Butter Cuttlefish


• 400 g        Cattle fish
• 20 g          Corn flour
• 02 no        Egg
• Salt and pepper To taste
• 50g           Spring onion and capsicum thin strips
• 03 Tsp      Chili Paste
• 03             Red dry chilly pieces
• 100 g        Margarine or butter
• 1/2 lit       Oil


1.   Cut the cattle fish in half and trim off all edges. Cut in to 02 inch size pieces like flowers.

2.   Wash and drain well. Then season with salt / pepper and egg then coat with corn flour.

3.   Heat the oil in a wok until smoking deep fry cattle fish till cooked. Drain and leave a side.
4.    Now heat the wok with butter until melt. Now add spring onion capsicum / chili paste / red                  dry chilies stir for 02 – 03 minutes.

5.    Without butter 15 dis colors. Finally add fried cattle fish to it and quickly   stir-fry another 02        03 minutes season with little bit of salt.

6     Arrange in a oval plate and served immediately, with stir fried rice.


  1. Where do I buy cattle fish from?

  2. Seriously man....
    Cattle fish??????
    It must be cuttle fish