Monday, October 22, 2012

Cook with Chef Duminda: Program Schedule...of Chef Duminda in Italy

Cook with Chef Duminda: Program Schedule...of Chef Duminda in Italy

Program Schedule...of Chef Duminda in Italy

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Salone Del Gusto and Terra Madre 25 – 29 October 2012 – Turin, Italy

Showcasing Sri Lanka as a Sustainable Leisure Location with Diverse Culture & Cuisine

Slow Food Movement

The goal of the ‘Slow Food movement’ is to create awareness about the responsibility we all have towards food and its producers; strengthening the relationship between producers and consumers understanding the impact of their food choices and their effects on health, environment and the production system.

Their annual event, ‘Salone Del Gusto and Terra Madre2012’brings together food artisans from over 170 countriesfrom the 24th to the 30th of October,which includes Chefs, Producers, Communities, Hoteliers, Restaurateurs, Food Exporters and many more who are focusing on promoting traditional, authentic and sustainable food practices.

This would be the first time Sri Lanka will have a significant presence at the event and is a milestone for Sri Lankan sustainable and traditional agricultural food producers.

About the Terra Madre / Salone Del Gusto 2012 event

The Terra Madre network was launched by Slow Food to give a voice and visibility to the small-scale farmers, breeders, fishers and food artisans around the world whose approach of food production protects the environment and communities. The network brings them together with academics, cooks, consumers and youth groups so that they can join forces in working to improve the food system.

The term food community refers to a group of these producers, defined by a place of origin and reflecting a new idea of ‘local economy’ based on food, agriculture, tradition and culture. More than 2,000 Terra Madre food communities have been formed around the world.

For the first time in 2012, Salone Del Gusto and Terra Madre will come together into one event to recount the extraordinary diversity of food from all continents. The division between the North and South of the world is thus erased and the same dignity is given to all small-scale producers who follow the principles of good, clean and fair food – in other words, whose quality is defined by good taste, environmental sustainability and social justice.

On October 25-29th 2012, Turin will host the new Salone Del Gusto and Terra Madre at Lingotto Fiere and Oval. Salone Del Gusto builds on the consolidated success of the past eight editions and counts on a wealth of excellent producers, chefs, Presidia and institutions. Terra Madre, on the other hand, brings a network of food communities, academics, cooks and young people from 170 countries across the world.

The goal is to create the most important world event devoted to food, where the pleasure of eating is combined with the responsibility we all have towards the food we eat and the peaople who produce it. The experience and enjoyment of food and wine – which remains one of the pillars of Salone – will go hand in hand with the discovery of the men and women who grow, farm and process food products from all over the world, and the places where these products come from and are deeply rooted.

Through the process, Salone Del Gusto and Terra Madre explore some of the key issues connected with food production and consumption, from the role of young people and small-scale traditional producers for the future of agriculture, to the safeguard of landscapes; from the fight for GMO-free farming to the protection of herders and small-scale fishers; from the need to strengthen the relationship between producers and consumers, to the promotion of more responsible and informed food-related choice made with a full awareness of their effects on health, the environment and the production system.

The future of food is the future of the planet. This is why being in Turin on October 25 – 29 is more important than ever, because a better, cleaner and fairer world starts from what we put on our plates, and because it’s the choices we make every day that determine the future of the environment, economy and society.

This year’s slogan, “Foods that change the world.” Our project is revolutionary, and demands a new way of thinking: Food for thought, thought for food.

Sri Lanka at the Salone Del Gusto and Terra Madre 2012

1.                   Sri Lankan Taste Area
This is a Sri Lankan Corner that would showcase Sri Lankan Food varieties. Sri Lanka’s finest chefs will prepare authentic Sri Lankan dishes during the four slots given to Sri Lanka and will be served to the exhibition invitees.

2.                   Rice Taste Workshop and conference
A traditional heirloom rice variety will be showcased at this International Rice Conference that would be attended by a large global gathering of delegates and guests.

3.                   Bio Diversity Area
Sri Lanka is features at the Bio Diversity Area showcasing 9 types ofGrains, 8 types of heirloom Rice and 21 types of Spices.

4.                   Honey Bar
Sri Lanka will be also be represented at the honey bar, where 3 varieties of honey will be showcased at this stall, including honey made by the indigenous (Veddah) people.

5.                   Saaraketha Products
Saaraketha Holdings has been assigned space to showcase products from rural smallholder farmers of Sri Lanka. We will be displaying Spices, Heirloom Rice varieties and other traditional products.

Who is Involved

·         Slow Food Sri Lanka Convivium – Sri Lankan convivium will jointly with several organizations that embraces sustainable practices, will be at the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre this year. As the main coordinator, convivium was able secure several important opportunities to Sri Lanka, including the Rice conference and its workshop, where Sri Lanka was selected as one of the four countries to participate and present.

·         Saaraketha Holdings – Saaraketha is an agricultural company that promotes sustainably produced and organically certified fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and heirloom rice varieties. They work with smallholder farmers around the country and create a link for their produce with global markets.The Chairman of Saaraketha Holdings, Prasanna Hettiarachchi was one of the founding members of the Sri Lankan Slow Food movement in 2009 and he is also the President of the Sri Lanka Convivium. Saaraketha, together with Slow Food Sri Lanka has organized many events and workshops that promoted ‘slow’ and sustainable food, which were produced by smallholder farmers using sustainable methods.  The idea is to create a link between the producer and the consumer where benefits are passed down the value chain to reach the actual producers. Saaraketha takes pride in creating a mindset among the urban consumers to be responsible when sourcing food and to understand that it is not only for your body, but also for your mind. Hence the set up of a home delivery program of sustainable produce and the set up of a sustainable tourism subsidiary that promotes good, clean and fair Slow Food, Saraii.

·         Chef Duminda Aberysiriwardena –Villa Mayurana

Chef Duminda is one the most famous celebrity icons in Sri Lanka. Loved by many Sri Lankans, he has a concern to give the knowledge of gourmet recipes to younger generation successors and promotes more healthy & Nutritive food with hope of preserving country’s native dishes and their distinctive tastes.

·         Producers – Smallholder farmers / producer from rural villages – In a bid to create awareness about sustainable consumption, the coordinators have decided to include smallholder farmers in the delegation going to Italy. Their representation will help the final consumers to understand a producers mindset, challenges faced, what contribution they are making to strengthen a producers way of life and to preserve sustainable production methods.

·         Embassy of Sri Lanka in Italy – Embassy is supporting this event by providing communication support, by organizing several live TV telecasts and TV talkshows on Italian National TV. Additionally, a press conference also to be held in Italy with the participation of both printed and electronic media.

·         Sri Lankan Airlines – Sri Lankan Air Lines is the proud travel partner for this event. As an organization that promotes “Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia”, they will be providing support  with air travel for the delegation.

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau - The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has graciously extended support to the event through a generous package of sponsorship  that has allowed the promotion of a Sri Lankan culinary talk show/ demonstration to be aired on Italian TV channels and the attendance of Italian speaking hostesses to assist with the Sri Lanka corner at the exhibition