Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Biscuit pudding


500 g     icing sugar
500 g     butter
2            egg yolk
700 ml   milk
10          eggs
500  g    biscuit
4 tsps     custard powder
vanilla, roasted nuts and chocolate chips 


Cream butter and icing sugar and add flavoring. 

Add the egg yolk and beat well. 

Spread a layer of this cream at the bottom of the greased dish.

 Then soak the biscuits in the milk and place over the cream. Spread another layer of cream over the biscuit and repeat this three times.

Beat the whites of eggs adding a little sugar to it. 

Heat some milk and when it comes to the boil drop blobs of this egg mixture over the milk and cook on both sides.

 Leave a side, then strain the milk. Use the milk to make a custard with the egg yolk and a little custard powder

. Add sugar to taste and add vanilla.

 Pour this custard over the biscuits and leave to set. Then place the cooked egg whites over the custard and sprinkle toasted nuts and chocolate chips.

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