Monday, May 28, 2012

Chicken, corn and egg drop soup

500 ml  chicken stock
2 large eggs,beaten well
1 tbsp ground pepper powder
50 g  can creamy sweet corn
200 g boiled and cut in to dices
3 tbsp corn flour + 2 tbsp cold water dilute
salt to taste
handful cut scallion

1.      Sauté onion and garlic and add the stock in to boil
2:When the stock rolling boil add in cube chicken, creamy sweet corn ,ground pepper and corn flour dissolved.
 Keep stirring the soup until bubbly, then slowly pour in beaten eggs into the soup to make it look like flower. Stir again to mix all the ingredients well.
3:Remove stock pot from heat and check the seasoning. Add salt if needed. Dish out ,sprinkle with some scallion and serve warm.

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