Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cashwnut curry


200  g       Cashew
25    g       Sliced onion
25    g       Chipped garlic
15    g       Turmeric powder
15    g       Curry powder
10    g       Cinnamon powder
15    g       Chile powder
100  ml     1st thick coconut milk
100  ml      2nd  thin coconut milk
15   g         Rampe &  curry leaves
15   ml       Coconut oil



·         Sock the cashew for 1 hour.
·         Heat the coconut oil in a thick bottom pan.
·         Add curry leaves, rampe for wile.
·         Add red onion and garlic sauté for few minute
·         Mix all other ingredients with onion and garlic.
·         Add cashew to the pan, mix it .
·         Add thin coconut milk, bring it to the boil
·         Cook until cashew is cook
·         Add the thick coconut milk at last ,reduce the heat
·         Simmer until gravy gets thick.

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